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Blurred Vision


Date: May 14, 2020
Time: 6:00pm

‘Manhattan’ – the original motion picture soundtrack to Paramount Pictures film Manhattan Undying – is the new album from internationally celebrated London four piece Blurred Vision.

The band will be performing select tracks from the genre bending soundtrack on a small run of shows in the UK and premiering new songs from their forthcoming sophomore album “Redemption” also due out in 2020. The electrifying new show brings the band’s trademark stadium and cinematic sound and light show to small and intimate settings before the group head out for the UK’s festival season.

Tickets are on sale now!

Lead by the creative vision and songwriting of frontman and founder Sepp Osley, London four piece Blurred Vision are a band set out to break the confines of genre based music. Blending electronic sounds with ancient rhythms and melodies on a foundation of a hard hitting rock ‘n’ roll band, stylisticly described as a mashup of Depeche Mode meets Muse, 80’s Bowie meets 70’s Pink Floyd, the group are taking their lessons from legendary heroes not to mimic but to create a new and infectuous contemporary style and path of their own.