Collette The Dots


Date: March 3, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

Collette The Dots is the brainchild of top Drum & Bass vocalist Collette Warren, who has been working with many of the drum & bass scene’s leading producers forover 6 years and performing all over the world as a solo artist. She has had releases on Soul:r, Exit Records, Innerground, CIA, intrigue Music, Commercial Suicide and many more respectable labels in the underground music scene. 

In the next chapter of Collette’s musical journey, she has joined forces with drum and bass producers, Hugh Hardie, Lurch, Ben Soundscape (of The Insiders) and Octo_Pi to form a live 8 piece band also featuring bass player Joe Brown and backing singers Charli Brix & Laura Sellers. Together they have transformed Collette’s drum & bass songs into full on live versions and have also collaborated on writing brand new music together! Expect Funk, Soul, Jazz and of course drum & bass! But also pure vibes & energy!