Cormac Neeson


Date: February 27, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

2018 will see the release of the first solo album by The Answer lead singer, Cormac Neeson.

Neeson’s maiden solo venture, entitled “White Feather”, will propel him into the life affirming world of Country Soul, Celtic roots and laid back folk rock.

Through a series of crafted, introspective songs, Neeson will deliver a fantastic new sound, drawing heavily on his deeply personal experiences of upheaval and seismic change over the last number of years.

Since mid 2016, Cormac has been working with many of the leading Nashville country song writers including Tennessee songwriter of the year Corey Lee Barker, Steve O Brien, Blue Miller, James Elliot, and Allen McKendree Palmer, who between then have sold in excess of 30 million songs.

The White Feather recording will begin in Nashville, January 2018 and will be produced by India Arie producer and Bob Seger guitarist, the legendary Blue Miller at his own Tennessee based studio.