Crosstown Presents | Fenne Lily


Date: January 31, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

Crosstown Presents|

‘If you’re not yet familiar with Bristol-based singer-songwriter Fenne Lily, it’s probably time you got acquainted. Having recently toured with Marlon Williams, performed at London Fashion Week and surpassed four million plays of ‘Top to Toe’ on Spotify, it’s fair she’s on the verge of huge success. And rightly so; among other things, there’s a certain dulcet yet raw quality to her voice that’s impossible not to be swept away by.

Fenne wrote ‘Top to Toe’ aged 15, finding emotional catharsis in “having to arrange and filter what I was feeling”. This deeply personal, organic place from which Fenne’s music stems, is communicated through a unique, arresting intimacy.’ |  Bristol Live Magazine