Damsonic Presents | Height Keech


Date: October 23, 2017
Time: 6:00pm
Damnsonic presents!
From Baltimore, USA…HEIGHT KEECH’s albums have been constantly changing since his self-titled debut was released in 2000. Bed Of Seeds is guitar-based garage rap. Versus Dynamic Sounds retraces the steps of The Cold Crush Brothers and The Fantastic Five. The recent Unending Blaze EP merges minimal raps with post-punk beats. And his latest album Mind Moves The Mountain presents some of his most upfront and honest work yet.
From London, UK…HOME ENTERTAINMENT sit at the intersection where avant garde experimentalism meets lo-fi garage rock. Drawing upon a palate of literary, artistic and sonic influences, Home Entertainment create primal, unrefined walls of sound adorned with jagged shards of english low life lyricism.
From Falmouth, UK…ZAPOPPIN’ are an organ/drum duo recently described by The Quietus as ‘where the atmosphere of Witchfinder General infects the deranged cabaret-noir of The Birthday Party.’