David Hepworth & Friends Presents | Seven Great Pop Theories & Peter Blake on Peter Grant


Date: November 6, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

On the evening of November 6th we’ll be welcoming old friends Jude Rogers, formerly of The Word, currently of the Guardian, and acclaimed broadcaster Geoff Lloyd, who is enjoying new fame thanks to his podcasts “Adrift” and “Reasons To Be Cheerful”, to talk about some of the subjects sparked off by David Hepworth’s new book , “Nothing Is Real”, a collection of characteristic sweeping statements about both pop and rock. Expect: it’s all about the drummer, why it is not OK to play Robbie Williams’ “Angels” at funerals, why nobody needs DJs any more, why the Beatles were underrated, five songs to play at weddings and much much more as our guests pitch in with their own pet theories about what matters and what doesn’t in pop.

And on the same evening we’ll also be joined by Mark Blake who will be talking about ‘Bring It On Home’, his new book about Peter Grant, the daunting Led Zeppelin manager who revolutionised the financial earnings of rock musicians via some old-school negotiation. Expect talk of guns, gangsters and motorboats full of cash. “You were either on the bus or under it.”

Copies of both “Nothing Is Real” and “Bring It On Home” will be available for sale on the night.