Seven Red Lions | Deadset Dream


Date: February 18, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

An all day event of emerging talent featuring:

Seven Red Lions |

Seven Red Lions are an alternative rock band formed in London by David Lions in 2014,  since 2015 the band has been playing in many of  London’s prestigious venues building a loyal fanbase with their powerful songs and energetic stage show.

Deadset Dream |

Deadset Dream are a 5 piece Alt-Rock band from Sheffield with a growing reputation for their addictive hooks, energetic live shows and music that has attracted the attention of national media and promoters across the UK.

In 2015 the band went from strength to strength with shows supporting the likes of Funeral for a Friend, Roam and Autumn Ruin before ending the year with a sold out show at Corporation in their home town of Sheffield to launch ‘The Fall’ the first single from the band’s first EP in 3 years: Battlecry, released on April 1st 2016.

The New Heat |

Originating from London, The New Heat are a four-piece Indie / Punk Rock outfit brought together by their mutual love of distortion pedals, alcoholic beverages, and the TV-show Arrested Development. Since forming the band in early 2017, The NEw Heat have been drawing from their individual influences to create their own unique and hard-hitting sound.

With melodic leads, memorable lyrics, and a vein of soulful punk rock running deep through their music, they play catchy songs about desperate loners. Their energetic and unpredictable live shows are bristling with swinging rhythms, sweet moves, and dirty guitars. One thing is for sure… the boys in The New Heat are here to make you dance.

The Survival Code |

The Survival Code are a two piece rock band based in London. 2017 has seen the release of the new EP BROKEN STRINGS which followed 2015’s album “MMXV”.

Oh Majester |

Hailing from Cornwall, Oh Majester produce original upbeat alternative indie music.

Distinctive vocals, combined with driven melodies, catchy rhythms and a desire to make people dance creates music that has been enthralling audiences across the South West.