Dhp Presents | Jordan Klassen


Date: January 25, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

Dhp Presents..

Jordan Klassen

When Canadian songwriter Jordan Klassen eventually opened up he found the songs simply flows.

2016’s full length ‘Javelin’ was an enthralling document of creativity, matching highly personal lyricism to the deftest of musical flourishes.

New EP ‘Curses’ swiftly followed, and – with European dates incoming – Jordan Klassen has now seen fit to unfurl a new track.

‘Yer Cure’ deals with information overload, the importance of locality, and the emergence from a period of troubled mental health.

Set against a woozy psych-folk backing, it’s a true gem, and well worth exploring. Jordan tells Clash:

“‘Yer Cure’ is a song about trying to come to terms with the over-abundance of information in our world. Maybe I’ve been wondering recently if I’m supposed to know everything that’s happening on every corner of the planet? How do you cope with that?” ‘Clash’