Future Juke: A 21st Century Blues Festival Presents


Date: May 31, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

Future Juke: A 21st Century Blues Festival Presents |

An Evening Of The Very Best New British Alt.Blues-Rock

Aidan Connell is a triple threat; he’s a seriously strong songwriter; has ferocious guitar chops; and emanates the charisma to electrify an audience with his unique brand of garage-psych blues.

Born into a Jamaican-Irish-Jewish family in suburban Berkshire always meant he was an outsider, and he’s parlayed that status into an exceptional truly original debut album ‘Grio’, which has garnered rave reviews from the likes of Classic Rock and Afro Punk. He has shared stages with and gained accolades from the likes of Gary Clark Jr, Seasick Steve and even Jeff Beck who opined that Aidan was a “natural successor to the British blues-rock crown.”

Husky Tones This blistering Bristol-based duo hit with the force of a much bigger unit. Chris Harper’s crunchy, fleet-fingered guitar-playing complements Victoria Bourne’s driving drums and keening vocals perfectly. The loud-quiet dynamics and intelligent lyrics bring a certain subtlety to their punk-blues-rock impetus.

Tonight they launch their superb EP ‘I Don’t Give A Damn Any More’, following on the heels of their triumphant 2017 album, Who Will I Turn To Now?, before heading out on another European tour.

In a parallel universe Mudlow are stars. Their dusty, gritty, blues-infused Americana combines genius-level songcraft and an understated, tasty, technical excellence all delivered with a sense of feel and authenticity rare in a band from the Deep South of the US, let alone one from Brighton.

Their new collection, ‘Waiting For The Tide To Rise’ features a swathe of ridiculously fine songs from their two albums and several EPs over a 15 year history. The tide is finally rising.