Five Grand Stereo


Date: March 28, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

Five Grand Stereo|

“The idea behind Five Grand Stereo”, says lead songwriter Chris Singleton, “is to take a 1970s band, shove them in a time machine, deposit them in 2014 and ask them to make a record about the world they find themselves in”. The result: a darkly humorous and theatrical concept album (there’s even a Greek chorus) about sex, money and missing David Bowie. Four-part harmonies, duelling guitars, raspy sax and above all, soaring melodies abound; classic artists like Marc Bolan, Bryan Ferry, Frank Zappa, Lou Reed and the Thin White Duke himself are frequently referenced sonically, but put through Five Grand Stereo’s proprietary blender to create some delightfully quirky results. Taking aim at everything from reality TV to sexism and from Page 3 to the ‘Big Society’, the band somehow manage to conjure up the sounds of 74…to take a pop at 2014. All while bashing some instantly memorable tunes into your eardrums.

Other acts include: Nepal Honey/ The Wizard Kings/ Snake Oil Salesmen