Home$lice | Barney Goodall


Date: April 1, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

Home$lice |

An outfit who have continued to go from strength to strength throughout 2016, it surely won’t be long before more and more people become acquainted with the delectable sounds of Glasgow-based five-piece Home$lice. Having released their debut mixtape Citizen Kane 2 in 2016, the band have managed to capture many hearts and minds throughout the city’s music scene in a relatively short space of time; thanks to their delightfully warm and refreshing fuzz-pop compositions.


Barney Goodall |

Barney Goodall is a singer and composer with roots in Liverpool and the West Country. A prolific composer both of pop tunes and darker inroads into the unknown, synth-based dance follows funky bass grooves and soaring melodies as the bard meets the city

Supports include: Eryx London/ Aleh Ferriera