Indigo Face


Date: October 14, 2017
Time: 6:00pm

London based 4-piece band , Indigo Face, was formed in 2014, born out of late night jam sessions, conversations about parallel universes and a wealth of experience gigging on the London Pop scene. Members of Indigo Face, Mariachiara Terragin (lead vocals), Maxime Obadia (keyboards/guitar/production), Raymond Tognola (bass) and Andrea Rapisarda (drums), have created a sound that blends influences from Pop, Funk, EDM, Synth Pop, and draws inspiration from their collective experiences. Their last EP “At The Gate” was recognised by repected industry staples, such as Music Week, Pop Matters, Music Times, Amazing Radio, to name a few. Their new single “Can We Make It?” is an electro/funk-infused track merged with Ibiza-like plucked synths and lyrics that give voice to the angst of our unsustainable lives. The song takes the listener on a voyage of discovery, exploring the state of our planet, without failing to make you want to dance. 2018 promises to be a busy year for the band, with several new releases planned and in the pipeline. Stay tuned.