Jack & The Weatherman


Date: May 8, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

Jack & The Weatherman |

Hailing from Haarlem, Berry ‘Jack’ Krikken and Sebastiaan ‘Weatherman’ Weerman are Jack and the Weatherman. Two friends in music on a mission to send their sun-soaked folky pop songs into the world. Inspirated by the music of Jason Mraz, The Lumineers and the vocal harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel.

The songs of Jack and the Weatherman combine elements of pop, folk and reggae, with positive and profound lyrics. In their songs they celebrate the beautiful aspects of life, while acknowledging the fragility of its beauty. It’s music for both the heart and the head.

Berry and Sebastiaan were friends in high school in Emmen, a city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. After they graduated, Berry started travelling the world and writing down his experiences and thoughts as lyrics. Sebastiaan had become a musician and plays various instruments. It was an odd chance that they met again, years later in city of Haarlem. It quickly became clear they would be partners in music when Sebastiaan got out his guitar and started playing The Dynamo Of Volition by Jason Mraz and Berry started singing the lyrics of the song.

Tomorrow is the first song they write themselves. Before they know it they’ve written another three. They need to write songs quickly, because their first ever gig is already scheduled. That’s why they need to come up with a band name in a rush. The solution is quickly found: Berry Krikken becomes Jack, (‘krik’ means jack in Dutch), and Sebastiaan Weerman becomes the Weatherman (‘Weerman’ translates to weatherman). It is the start of an adventure with lots of fun, music, sold out shows and new friends both in their native The Netherlands and abroad.

They quickly become one of the most active live bands of the Netherlands, but stay out of the limelight of the music industry. Without any support by a label or management they score hit after hit on Spotify, with millions of streams from across the world. They tour extensively all over Europe, with shows in Finland, the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland. They raise the roof wherever they perform.

Jack and the Weatherman is a DIY-band. They write their songs in the The Cave Of No Shame, their private studio where mistakes don’t exist. They record their songs with friend and producer Jasper Zuidervaart and release them on their own label Glowbird Records. So far, they’ve released three different EP’s: Something Positive (2014), Homewards (2015) and Some Kind of Purpose (2016). “Music is just the best way of using our time” says Berry. “As soon as we start making music we become mellow. It’s just like a mental reset” says Sebastiaan”.

Finally their eagerly anticipated debut album is ready for release: The Lucky Ones. Because that’s what they are, those two friends from Haarlem who found each other by odd chance. Two guys who realise how extraordinary life is, and who write songs about it. Cheerful songs on first listen, but with a deeper layer for those willing to listen. And every day more and more people are willing to listen to their songs. They’re ready for take off, they’re the lucky ones: Jack and the Weatherman.