Jay Vee & The Cardinal Sins


Date: April 28, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

After five sweat-drenched years and more ex-members than you can shake a snapped drumstick at, London’s black-clad garage punk underdogs JAY VEE AND THE CARDINAL SINS have finally got their act together and recorded something – we think you’ll like it and all.  WRATH is seven tracks of venom-flecked r’n’r fury, the majority of the invective aimed squarely at gentrified London’s growing complacency, including Mr Vee’s own – oh, and there’s a song about sex too (it’s still rock’n’roll, after all).  As this latest soiree of the damned ought to demonstrate, the Sins have honed their trademark slash’n’skronk noise over the years and now sit broadly in the gap between The Dead Kennedys, Rocket from the Crypt and Chris Isaak – not the smallest gap in the world,  but a gap nonetheless.  As a mark of respect to those who’ve put in the time to watch the band grow from day one, this’ll be the first and exclusive chance for you fine people to get your hands on this brand new slice of short, sharp and savage punk rock.  There may even be a freebie or two lurking about…

Setting up the action are JVP returning favourites THE TERRORSAURS, those diabolical masked men hell-bent on shredding the lines between punk and surf, sanity and madness, band and audience.  Fresh from an extensive tour of the U.S., home to their label Wild Records, and right off the back of latest barnstormer SWAMP BEAT, these nitrous-injected hotrod pagans have come for your hearts, minds and dancing feet.  Words fail to do ’em justice – and as a rare hypnotic instrumental act, they surpass language anyway.  Unmissable.

If we tell you that THE VENOMERS’ last appearance at JVP was preceded by a two hour ‘meet and greet’ session outside Sainsbury’s, and that their performance featured neon sweatbands and legwarmers, you might begin to get a clue as to what they’re all about.  Fast, dumb (though secretly a lot smarter than they let on, we suspect), and seriously fun – top-notch razor-sharp punk rock is the plait du jour.

The night kicks off in style with a set of wildly danceable 60s garage, psych and buzzsaw rock’n’roll from London natives THE SD5.  Augmenting their guitar wig-outs with keys and sax courtesy of Jay’s sometime fellow Death Valley Surfer Nat Lane, expect wild grooves, rattling drum fills and highly danceable tunes.  We’re dead chuffed to have ’em on our tiny stage, and so should you be.

As if four amazing bands for the bargain price of a fiver weren’t enough, the legendary DJ CHRIS SETZER will be spinning wild rockabilly, garage and punk until the wee hours, and we’ll be giving away our customary free shots on entry.  See you down the front, hepcats.