Jay Vee Presents 13 | Terrorsaurs, Randy Savages, Phantom Cowboys, Kid Slug


Date: February 16, 2019
Time: 6:00pm

After a short hiatus, we’re back, sane and freshly degreased.  What better way to ruin a clean bill of health than with a crazed, greasy night of obscene rock’n’roll?

THE TERRORSAURS, notorious demon swamp-dwellers and JVP faves, top the bill with a foul concoction of instrumental surf, punk and good ol’ fashioned devil worship.  One of the best live shows in the world today – you’ll have to take that on trust, as testimonials can’t be obtained from the dead.

We’re proud to have RANDY SAVAGES back, almost a year to the day since they last tore the London live scene several new ones on our humble stage.  Fresh from their maiden European tour, and chainsawing a vicious brand of caustic punk rock, they won’t be playing venues this size for long.  Miss ’em and it’s your loss.

THE PHANTOM COWBOYS remain Norfolk’s best-kept secret – dapper voodoo jivin’ rockn’roll from four flawlessly-appointed gents whose artistry masks a coal-black sense of humour.  Recently celebrating 20 years since the release of their classic ‘Down and Out at the Club Cruella’, they look and sound like Cthulu’s own wedding band.  No word of a lie.

Last, but by no means least, we’re over the moon to have hard-punchin’ People’s Champs KID SLUG back in the ring.  These r’n’b-punk bruisers kick off the proceedings – don’t get too close or they’ll pound you into hamburger.

Age hasn’t dulled a damn thing about these nights – we’re still the cheapest game in town with entry for a humble fiver.  We’re tube-adjacent, we’ve got the best tunes on the hi-fi and we’re partying til late.  ‘Nuff Said.