Jay Vee Presents | The Doppelgangers | The Cardinal Sins | Thee Creepfreaks | Kid Slug


Date: December 9, 2017
Time: 6:00pm
JAY VEE presents, if not a Christmas Calamity (we’re a little early for that), then a December Disaster, featuring four, count ’em, FOUR, ace bands, all for the price of a central London pint!
THE DOPPELGANGERS top the bill, supplying sick, twisted voodoo-psycho-rockabilly rhythm! Returning to the London stage after a brief hiatus brought on by a change of drummer, these mad double-bass-toting cats will be ripping up the psychobilly rulebook and burning up the shredded pages with an incendiary genre-mashing set fronted by an insane Kiwi Freddie Mercury lookalike.  Can you ask for more?  No, we rather think you can’t
JAY VEE & THE CARDINAL SINS supply the evening’s venom.  Black clad three piece r’n’r will be the order of the day – expect rattling drums, spidery bass and sharp-as-cheesewire guitar riffs.
THEE CREEPFREAKS need no introduction to anyone who’s ever been within a five-mile radius of one of their shows.  Deeply disturbing punk-psychobilly at damn near the speed of light is their stock in trade – they’ll also be toting copies of their brand-new 7-inch for your listening pleasure.  Raw as anything, and brutally fast.
KID SLUG open the proceedings with their first Jay Vee set, welding Elvis swagger to Pistols bile.  Vicious, filthy garage-blues-rock’n’roll abounds – don’t miss ’em!
DJ CHRIS SETZER will be manning the decks all night to keep your eardrums suitably swingin’ by spinning the best of garage, punk, rockabilly and psychobilly.
All this for a fiver, and our usual FREE SHOT on entry!  Still the most bang you’ll get for your buck on the London circuit!  Get down, drink up, buy some merch and support your local scene!