Jay Vee presents | The Voo-Dooms, Thee Creepfreaks, Brewer, The Phobias


Date: August 11, 2018
Time: 6:00pm
Oh yes, folks, we’re back – and how! JAY VEE presents yet another booze and nitro fuelled bug-out in North London.
Heading up proceedings are London’s VOO-DOOMS, a brand new act who have been turning heads and flipping wigs up and down the country over the course of their so-far-pretty-damn-short existence. Medway-style garage is the ouvre, so grab yer deerstalkers, pinstriped shirts and bone necklaces and get ready to rediscover that magical nexus point at the meeting of 70s punk, 60s Brit invasion and 80s video nasties. You saw ’em here first!
Right behind them are psycho-garage-noiseniks THEE CREEPFREAKS. Re-energised with a new lineup, they’ll be spraying their foul home-brewed concoction of nightmare psychobilly, pit-sparking speed punk and B-Movie garage over your expensive clothes once again. May cause nausea, heart palpitations and the urge to smash your boyfriend’s head against the wall. We absolve ourselves of any responsibility.
The last time we saw BREWER, we were blown away. Think Gories / Dirtbombs / Sonics with added organs and trumpets, and the kind of attitude to soundchecks, guitar tuners and set lists that only comes with the arrogance of youth, and you’re not even close. We swear one of them almost caught fire that time, they’re that good.
Yet another act making their JVP debut in August (hell, yes, we spoil you), are Farfisa-toting garage hoodlums THE PHOBIAS. Featuring the Spacewasters’ Mick Lammond on vocals and a cabal of deviants we don’t personally know – and are actually a little afraid to meet – on other instruments, they blew audiences away at last year’s Bedlam fest, and it’s about friggin’ time they got a chance to push their wares on our tiny stage.
As always, its a fiver on the door and we’ll have the jukebox blowin’ a fuse via a fine assortment of melodic scuzz. Get down!