Jesus, John & Whitney


Date: December 3, 2017
Time: 6:00pm

The band – Jesus,John & Whitney (JJW) have spread their music movements within London since 2012. A three piece band members of Antonio Lepore, Jim Hockenhull and David Hockenhull, came together to explore the world of Rock Music. The name Jesus, John & Whitney was given by a stranger, as it comes in random and fits to that particular moment. It is then ended as the official name of the band.

The interesting fact of JJW is that they interact with the audience through their music in a unique level. JJW always captured the heart to those who listened to their songs and their aura of positivity is awesome! You can feel the chemistry of these best of friends through JJW. Consistently self produced music, pushes JJW to experiment beyond boundaries of how flexible rock music should be.

JJW draws inspiration from early 70’s grunge, 80’s to 90’s influential rock bands. Inspired by rock artists from these era’s such as Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Beatles, Nirvana, Bestie Boys, Police even other international artist, Pino Daniele and so much more. These legendary rock artists, has influenced them and gave an impact in their music development. It reflects the high energy of their

Supports include: Lisa Canny/ Moon Panda/ Flatcaps & Fisticuffs