Live Nation Presents | Aaron Lee Tasjan


Date: September 4, 2017
Time: 6:00pm

Aaron Lee Tasjan is a guitarist and songwriter whose solo output blends blues, country-rock,  and a ’70s influence that recalls singer/songwriters like Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman. As a guitarist, he’s played with a wide array of bands,  including Alberta Cross and the New York Dolls.

We Love You, In 2006,  Tasjan co-founded the glam-inspired indie rock band Semi Precious Weapons with Justin Tranter (vocals),  Cole Whittle (bass), and Dan Crean (drums).

Their 2008 debut LP,  We Love You,  was produced with studio icon Tony Visconti.

That same year,  Tasjan parted ways with the group and released the country-rock-flavored Hard Love EP. The five-track August Moon appeared in 2011, followed by another EP, The Thinking Man’s Filth.

In the meantime,  Tasjan found work as a sideman,  playing guitar with bands ranging from the New York Dolls to Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ and Everest., He made the move from New York to East Nashville in 2013 and released two more EPs,  Crooked River Burning and Telling Stories to the Wall,  before self-releasing his full-length debut,  In the Blazes, in late 2015. New West Records took notice and signed him for his second LP, Silver Tears, released in October 2016.