Parallel Lines Presents | Adwaith


Date: January 17, 2019
Time: 6:00pm

Parallel Lines Presents |

Adwaith have always existed. They have been there since the sixties, through Roxy’s filthy glitter, and within the glorious chaos of punk and its post-punk offspring. Now the relevant stars have aligned, Adwaith have been made physical in the form of Gwenllian Anthony (Bass, Mandolin), Hollie Singer (Vocals, Guitar), Eva Chelsea Free (Vocals) and Heledd Owen (Drums).

The release of the debut single ‘Pwysau’ by Adwaith heralded a new brave and exiting chapter for Welsh music as well as being a comforting balm of kindness and love for the listener. This song was also proudly included on the #MoreInCommon album raising funds and awareness for the charity Hope not Hate at the end of a turbulent and unsettling 2016. Molding the delicate, natural beauty of Adwaith’s vocal harmonies to the cool urban detachment of the arrangement, and Heledd’s clipped Krautrock-like drum grooves, the song opened minds and captivated hearts, whilst still keeping true to the creative vision set out by the band.

As with all Adwaith’s songs, they instinctively forge a direct emotional connection with the listener, ‘Haul’, the bands second single for the label Decidedly released early this year, is no exception. Whereas previously the band painted sounds with a pallet of muted sombre colours ‘Haul’ explodes with bright golden sunshine. Both songs gained fast critical acclaim and extensive radio plays most noticeably on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru (Haul was play-listed as the song of the week) and Amazing Radio. With new material imminent and more touring around the UK planned, Adwaith will make this year there’s.

“Adwaith are like the Welsh Slits playing Johnny Cash songs all set in a distinctively European post-punk urban setting. Trailblazing like pioneering Welsh artist such as Datblygu before them, Adwaith’s music is Buddy Holly, the Pixies, The Velvet Underground, uncompromising heartbreak in under three minutes – this is the future of Welsh music right in front of us” – Decidedly