Parallel Lines Presents | Beckie Margaret


Date: March 28, 2019
Time: 6:00pm

Haunting melodies and celestial inflections abound on Beckie Margaret’s “Garden Roses” – a poignant study of mental health and creativity. Margaret is tied to her austere surroundings on the Essex coast and with that her music takes on a somewhat mythical quality steeped in local folklore akin to Clacton’s Ghost From the Water or Basildon’s Red Monk.

In Margaret’s own words: “Garden Roses is about reassuring yourself and other people that mental health does not define you, and you are not any less of a person because of it. Being surrounded by creative people I’m constantly seeing myself and my loved ones feel defined by their illness, so this is a song for them and for me to say we are beautiful because of it. We are no less of a person”