Parallel Lines Presents | Nancy


Date: April 17, 2019
Time: 6:00pm

Parallel Lines Presents |

Sometimes the most infectious music is borne of the strangest sounds. Case in point ‘Nancy’ a mysterious, faceless new psych-punk project, which takes familiar pop melodies and runs them through a blender.

Almost every second of ‘Mysterious Visions’, Nancy’s debut EP (out Friday on Cannibal Hymns/B3SCI), is warped and weird – from Nancy’s own baroque croon, to the distorted synths and warbling guitars. It’s a hypnotic concoction, the likes of smash-hit single ‘Teenage Fantasy’ wielding a spooky alternate world out of familiar, sugary pop melodies. “I could talk like Lou Reed,” Nancy croons on ‘To Take Time, “and I could walk like James Dean.” It’s that dream-like sense of ambition that buoys ‘Mysterious Visions’. ‘NME’