Parker’s Band


Date: March 12, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

You might not have heard of Owen Parker, but you almost certainly have heard him in some capacity.

For most of his adult life, Owen has spent his time in the vicinity of pop stars, either on a stage, oscillating between keyboards and guitars or in the studio, turning ideas into hooks that, in time, might slip under your skin and find a home in your musical memory bank. These include Girls Aloud classics such as Call The Shots and The Promise, Love Etc and All Around The World from Pet Shop Boys’ 2009 Grammy-nominated album Yes.

Other albums featuring his work include releases by Peter Gabriel, Blondie, Simple Minds and a string of records by seminal sometime Fleetwood Mac leader Peter Green. Outside of the studio, he has also played all over the world with the likes of Billy Bragg, Robbie Williams and Roddy Frame.