Re Teu


Date: June 13, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

Emric John – Sawyer; stage name Re Teu, was first introduced to music via spotting a drum kit one lunchtime as a child. Ever since music has been a driving force in his life and playing live a never ending desire. Re Teu started his music adventure in the year 2017, and being a drummer at heart it is often seen and driven in his music. Whilst this young musician has not been around for a long time, his music sounds like he has a grip on the scene and heartstrings. Formally known as SAWYER, a constant description of “unknown genre”, Re Teu’s songs and visuals aim to hit both captivating and deep emotions. Have a listen, you will not be saddened. Re Teu is currently creating his new début EP Record, landing the 7th of May.