Rockfeedback Presents | Dana Gavanski


Date: November 20, 2019
Time: 6:00pm

Rockfeedback Presents |

Dana Gavanski is a rising Canadian singer-songwriter who has just announced that she’ll be releasing a 7″ single ‘One by One’/’Do You?’ on Full Time Hobby. It was produced by Mike Lindsay (of Tunng and LUMP), who says of the singer:

“Dana is the real deal. Effortless song writing with a voice that wraps you up in a vintage blanket that holds stories of the past, present and future!”

He’s certainly not wrong; her talent radiates out of the quiet brilliance of ‘One by One’, which takes us into her mind as she sits in solitude contemplating her place in the world. At its core ‘One by One’ is a simple acoustic song, adorned by perfect little chirps and whirrs – but it’s Gavinski’s voice and lyricism that is the draw here. At first thinking about how “he’s gone,” her mind soon spirals off into a self-examination that is a struggle: “no one can hold this girl anymore/ there’s no open door and no voice in the night. to tell her it’s alright.” She sings these lines without histrionics, but the dejection is still ripe in her delivery, immediately making us want to reach out and comfort her. In the end though, all we can do is play ‘One by One’ again and sit there beside her, spiritually.