The Rude Awakening ft Bridget Gray “Kaleidoscope Live”


Date: May 11, 2019
Time: 6:00pm

Heralded by The Electricity Club as “This year’s most promising new act”, TRA perform their new ground-breaking “Kaleidoscope” album in it’s entirety, accompanied by friends Mr Strange and Subject:2

The Rude Awakening ft Bridget Gray write and perform stylish, sensual and evocative synthpop music about subjects many would leave well alone. Interesting, charming and extremely likeable modern electronic pop songs with a slightly dark uneasy side…

At its heart a British Electronic music project, THE RUDE AWAKENING (T/R/A) – led by musician , promoter and radio presenter Johnny Normal- expands on the substratum that Synth and Post-punk pioneers Gary Numan, PiL, Soft Cell and OMD began building circa 1981.

THE RUDE AWAKENING is a vehicle for Normal to create songs that explore emotions, relationships, taboos fantasies and fears and to challenge common perceptions and convention, presenting such subjects in an entertaining and enjoyable aural package.

In 2018 Normal enlisted the charming yet stunning vocal talents of Scottish songstress Bridget Gray and the duo have immediately made an impact within the indie synth scene with modern classics To Say Goodbye, Fuck Puppet, Emerald Dancer and Your Wetness Is My Weakness… infectious and anthemic synth tunes for adult ears.

Their debut album Kaleidoscope was released on 19th January 2019 by Pink Dolphin Music Ltd… and this live event sees The Rude Awakening perform the album in it’s entirety, along with performances by friends Mr Strange and Subject:2.

Mr. Strange are an alternative electro-rock band from the Isle of Wight, UK. They are known for their fondness of regularly changing musical genre’s, bizarre appearance, and extremely energetic live shows. The bands influences include; Alice Cooper, Gary Numan, Nine Inch Nails, Prince, David Bowie, Mushroomhead, Marilyn Manson and a whole host of New Wave & Post Punk bands from the late 70’s – early 80’s.

Subject:2 are a charismatic electropop duo steeped in Basildon’s synth-heritage, performing infectious modern pop songs with fun, emotion and gravitas in equal measure. Their album Forward/Return has recently been released on the Electro-shock Records label.