Southend Records Presents | The Plan & The Rebel with Guests


Date: July 21, 2017
Time: 6:00pm

SOUTHEND RECORDS invites you to an early/unofficial launch party for ‘Nervous Energy’ which is coming out later this year. The official release date is happening in October 2017 but we will have a limited number of stamped/numbered copies of the vinyl available for sale at this gig.

THE PLAN has been described as ‘Talking Heads meets the Raincoats’. Post-punk in origin but with overtones of no wave, psych and garage rock, NERVOUS ENERGY showcases a love of straightforwardly good tunes that get screwed-up by degrees. Fierce beats, unruly guitars and barely suppressed mania from the keys and homemade-cello underly soaring harmonies delivered by well-matched female vocals. ‘You can dance to it too’, they claim.

‘Immediately hooked. Kick me hard if I haven’t written anything about you in the next few weeks, days, hours… Listening now…Aces…’ Everett True

‘The perceptiveness of Ray Davies meets the eerie folk of Shirley Collins meets the unstoppability of the Fall meets the combustibility of the Raincoats’ Tim Burrows, journalist (The Quietus, The Guardian)


B.R.WALLERS of Country Teasers/Male Nurse/The Devil flies in from his US tour to appear as The Rebel – brilliantly twisted, sardonic, heartfelt – if you’ve not been introduced to the amazing back catalogue of Wallers’ prolific alter-ego yet buy everything he’s produced immediately. Or for starters visit:

MR YOLK (previously VELVET MORNING) is the hypnotic psych/art project of 22-year-old Samuel Jones accompanied by bandmates John Kirkwood and Charlie Carmichael. Flawless, transcendental, immersive – but with ruthlessly catchy hooks.

‘smoky atmospherics and caressing vocals, louche tempos that glide to their final destination the southenders deliver on all counts’ – NME

‘Velvet Morning’s heavy-lidded musical offerings wouldn’t sound out of place in Andy Warhol’s Factory.’ – Noisey (Vice)


Maudlin minimalist bedroom pop singer – and the bassist from fantastical Southend-band Dark Globes – otherwise known as Andrew Moore.


A one-man tornado of humour, fury and pure love. Get there early to catch TV’s newest celebrity comic fresh from his Keith Lemon hang-outs.