The Amazing Devil


Date: September 25, 2017
Time: 6:00pm



‘Love Run is an extraordinary debut, a masterpiece of swirling,
brooding, often epic drama. It grabs you and refuses to let go.’ –

‘Beautiful singer, Madeleine Hyland – with her, the passion in the
lyrics bursts into flames’ – The Mirror

‘A gowned goddess’ – The Independent

‘[Hyland] is an impossible dream-creature… magnificent, and funny
and thoroughly real’ – Daily Mail

Madeleine Hyland (fresh from performing on ‘Later…with Jools
Holland’ and around the world as Kevin Rowland’s ‘impossibly
beautiful’ muse (The Guardian) on Dexys’ acclaimed album ‘One Day
I’m Going to Soar’) met Joey Batey in 2013 when they were thrown
together by the RSC, which took them to Broadway and the battered
back-alley streets of New York. After a year of playing Brooklyn bars
and Manhattan manor houses, they travelled back to London’s Soho
dives and, in a hollowed out old button factory in Stoke Newington,
recorded their debut album ‘Love Run’.

A raucous and tender journey through Joey’s north-eastern folk roots,
burnished with Madeleine’s raging cut-glass jazz-soaked vocals, Love
Run combines their love of story-telling and poetry, calling on
inspiration from Kate Bush, Nick Cave and Joni Mitchell. ‘Our vision
is bring you into a new world’ says Madeleine. ‘To transport audiences
into our bold, madcap universe and create a whole moving piece, a
sonic experience that can take you from the most intimate and domestic
detail to the mythic and fantastical within a heartbeat.’

‘Love Run’ was released last year to rapturous reviews, For Folk’s
Sake calling it ‘original, varied, engaging, exciting…the best thing
I’ve heard this year’ and Folk Radio UK ‘one of the year’s most
exhilarating, exciting and visceral debuts, they deserve to be huge’.
Since launching the record, the band has become an enormous
eight-person ‘intriguing, beguiling…rapscallion gypsy orchestra’
(Record Collector Magazine) of beating toms, soaring harmonies,
mournful cellos, searing electric guitar, flute and violin, creating a
rich, intense, heart-on-ripped-and-ragged-sleeve concert unlike any
other, with a dramatic, intricately layered north-sea sound that puts
them right at the cutting edge of the alternative folk revolution. [1]


BREAD AND CIRCUS, the musical vanity-project of London-based
Glaswegian Fraser Parry, features a piano, an accordion, some brass,
and possibly more depending on who’s available at the time. Songs
about anxiety, enjoying oneself, the passage of time and solipsism.
More fun than it sounds. [2]

Originally from Devon, ANNIE REW SHAW is a piano-based singer
songwriter. Moody, minimal writing, expansive, luscious vocals and
honest tales of struggle and strength that invoke a sense of
familiarity and classic storytelling that stands the test of time. [3]

ROBERT HALLOW is an emerging artist from South London, who sings about
feelings and booze. Creeping his way into the light, Hallow will be
playing songs from his upcoming EP, Empty Plates.