The Understudies


Date: January 13, 2020
Time: 6:00pm

The Understudies:

Five years after the release of their debut album ‘Let Desire Guide Your Hand’, London quintet The Understudies bring their second album into a world far different from how they left it. With a move to predominantly piano-based songwriting there is a greater sense of atmosphere and sophistication in both their instrumentation and arrangements allowing them to explore new themes, both musically and lyrically, whilst also expanding on their guitar-led sensibilities. This is the first Understudies gig for 18 months, and the first time most of these songs will have been heard by anyone other than the band.

Captain Handsome:

Captain Handsome – the solo project of Lily from Fightmilk – create songs which sound pretty, have both a pop and minimalist vibe, and are about the kind of stuff you lie awake thinking about for years after they have happened, curdling with embarrassment. Influenced by Dolly Parton, Kirsty MacColl, and Mitski these are observations of the minutiae of life turned into lo-fi yet gigantic pop songs; an exploration of the musically weird and navigating the strange and sometimes difficult terrain of your internal world.

Chandler D Obelisk:

A rare solo performance from ex-Gresham Flyer John Waring, who for the past 13 years has recorded as Chandler D Obelisk, completing an album each year for the RPM Challenge. Expect songs of love, nostalgia, and absurdity