Tigmus Presents | Too Tangled


Date: June 16, 2017
Time: 6:00pm

The Belgian Indie-Electro Duo Too Tangled just came to finish their 4th album ‘Revel Revel’. They are thrilled that for the first time, it will be released in the UK in january ‘17.

It’s been two years since their last album ‘Stay Restless’ got released. They’ve toured intensely through central Europe. The press-reactions they received were astounding as well on their live performance as on the album itself. Their music was described as ‘absorbing’, ‘refreshing’ , ‘sexy’, ‘convincing’, ‘a mysterious universe’.. Their singles were played on many community and campus radios, and also several major alternative stations throughout Europe, and they’ve climbed up several alternative charts (FM4, Radio Eins, German Campus Charts..).

‚Revel Revel’ is the album they needed to make after touring. They took time to stop time. Time to stop and reflect, to revel and to feast upon time yet to come, and time gone by. Rejoice on memories flying by like broken mirror parts.

By withdrawing themselves in a cabin on the countryside around Ghent (Belgium), they found the sort of isolation they needed. In that same cabin, most of the writing and recording was done.
Unlike the last album, that they recorded in between tours, this time you can hear the seasons change on the tracks as the digital needle goes on.

In their search for fresh edgy sounds, the album got a slightly more electronic vibe to it, with still that catchy, dark-gloomy Tangled atmosphere.

They took the boat to cross the North Sea and head back to Oxford (UK) to mix and finalise at Courtyard studio. They had the honour to have Ian Davenport (Gaz Coombez, Band of Skulls, Supergrass, Radiohead, ..) behind the Neve-desk, buttons and tape machines.

The album was mastered in the iconic ‘The Lodge’ (New York) by Emily Lazar (David Bowie, Lou Reed, Depeche Mode, Sonic Youth, Björk… )
They had listened to the album, and were moved by the sound and vibe..
Asking them to fly in from L.A. (thinking they’re an American band) Roeland replied ‘we’re bloody Belgians’
Since Lou Reed is one of Too Tangled’s bigest heroes, they couldn’t imagine a better place for ‘Revel Revel’ to be mastered.