Trout Records Presents | Tomorrows/ Tandem Felix/ Other Creatures


Date: November 14, 2017
Time: 6:00pm

Trout Records Presents: 2nd annual London showcase

We are delighted to present our second annual London showcase. This year we will be bringing Tomorrows, Tandem Felix and Other Creatures to the intimate confines of the Islington.


Following the release of their debut album last year, Tomorrows are bringing their dreamy psychedelia back to London town. For fans of Connan Mockasin, Grizzly Bear and Unknown Mortal Orchestra their debut LP “Another Life” sounds like an unearthed treasure from the past.

“The production is clinical, the songwriting is sharp and the vocals have a lush, neo-psychedelic feel to them. That isn’t to peg Tomorrows as a psych band, however; with the synth wash and electronic sheen their’s is a very modern pop vision.”- Clash

“You’ll be so lost in the world that Tomorrows have created that you might well find your day slightly differently than you did before – and that’s just about the highest praise we can offer.”– Gold Flake Paint

Tandem Felix

Back in business after two years spent working in the studio, Tandem Felix return to London to promote their latest Jam “Were You There (When They Crucified the Birthday Boy)? The first release from their debut album due in 2018

These are classy, country-tinged songs about affairs of the heart, music for grownups, for divorcees, for people who have lived. Tandem Felix rarely break a sweat, let alone rock out or boogie. Maybe that’s why they called themselves that. They weren’t being ironic – they have found their perfect pace, their perfect mood, and for many of you it will be perfect, too. – The Guardian

The band – completed by bassist Evan Keogh, violinist Éna Brennan and drummer Jeffrey Courtney – come from the same Dublin scene as Radar favourites Girl Band but exist on the total opposite end of the sonic spectrum to their abrasive, antagonistic pals, specialising instead in gorgeous washes of gently psychedelic keys and sun-splashed American West Coast melodies. – NME

Other Creatures

Trout newbies Other Creatures make their UK debut, hot on the heels of their first ever single ” Luxembourg” the first track of their debut EP “The First EP.”

Centred around spiky, creeping guitars, Luxembourg is in equal parts unsettling, anxiety-fuelled yet anthemic- DIY