Upset The Rhythm Presents | Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano


Date: March 18, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

Upset The Rhythm Presents|

BILL ORCUTT has been developing an open source computer music program called “I Dropped My Phone the Screen Cracked” since 2014 and has employed it to record two recent LPs, 2016’s “Cracked Music” and 2017’s “An Account of the Crimes of Peter Thiel and His Subsequent Arrest, Trial and Execution” which Wire magazine described as “maddening”,  “hypnotic” and “oddly pleasant.” For this solo performance, Orcutt will present the UK premiere of a new algorithmic piece for Cracked entitled “Neu Bros/OK Phone/Rural Beatles.

CHRIS CORSANO is arguably the most riotosly energetic and creative drummer in contemporary free jazz, for this rare solo set he strips things back to just the bare minimum. His amplified hi-hat set-up first debuted at the No Fun Fest in 2009 and has resurfaced only rarely since. Tiny Mix Tapes described the performance as “nothing short of hi-hat surgery. The hats stood alone, contact-mic’d, amped, and ravaged with distortion; Corsano tore in with sticks, mallets, and metal rods, prying tones from the bowels no one knew existed”. His work with Mick Flower, Paul Flaherty, and others is well known; alone, though, Corsano answers to no one, and his clinic realigned every facile give-the-drummer-some heuristic underwriting our approach to percussive or non-tonal technique.