Upset The Rhythm Presents | Current Affairs


Date: July 5, 2019
Time: 6:00pm

Upset The Rhythm Presents |

CURRENT AFFAIRS are a post punk band from Glasgow, neatly navigating the line between new wave and goth. Formed in 2016 and Comprising Joan (ex-The Royal We/Seconds/Rose McDowall’s band), Seb (ex-Anxiety/Pissy), Josh (The Downs/Kaspar Hauser/ex-Rose McDowall’s band) and Andrew (Shopping/As Ondas). Collectively they present a muscular unity, with a pounding post-punk rhythm section augmented by wild, effected guitar and the impressive, soulful-but-gothic vocal. A demo cassette was released along the way and In December 2018 the band’s first 7″ Breeding Feeling -bw- Draw The Line was put out into the world by Not Unloved records. Another 7″ is imminent via the IRRK label.

POWERPLANT embark on an eternal crusade with sizzling synthesisers & pleading vocals. They are the true essence of synth-punk released into thin air. They truly are the last of man.

LIVID are a blazing new punk group, fight or flight vocals, pummelsome drums and decidedly frenzied riffs galore. Nothing online yet, featuring ex-Nachthexen members.