Upset The Rhythm Presents | ESCAPE-ISM (Ian Svenonius)


Date: November 18, 2017
Time: 12:00am

ESCAPE-ISM is a solo project from Ian Svenonius.

Svenonius is known for his work in groups The Make-Up, Chain & the Gang, XYZ, Weird War and author of underground bestsellers such as The Psychic Soviet, Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group, and Censorship Now!

Recognised by Performer Magazine as the “greatest performer on the planet”, Svenonius is profound, prophetic, perverse, and poetic. His debut solo album an ‘Introduction to Escape-ism’ is released through Merge soon, teaming up a drum machine, guitar, cassette player, and a single voice singing out… for a way out.

Svenonius’ songs cry out for love, justice, redemption and insurrection, they stomp on convention and clobber notions of what music can be. Live, Escape-ism a new paradigm of performance: raw, gestural, idiotic, sublime, revolutionary, poetic, faux naïf, unknowing, a drainage pipe that leads to who knows where.

‘Introduction to Escape-ism’ isn’t just the soundtrack for a late-night drive on a lonely interstate, or a platter played to incite abandon at a pajama party with one’s pals. It’s also a tunnel to tomorrow. It’s a mineshaft to the motherlode. It’s 100% unadulterated Ian Svenonius.