Upset The Rhythm Presents | Spiritfest (Tenniscoats & members of The Notwist, Joasihno & Jam Money)


Date: December 7, 2017
Time: 6:00pm
Upset The Rhythm Presents..
SPIRIT FEST are a bewitching avant-pop group made up of Japanese duo Tenniscoats with Markus Acher (Notwist), Mat Fowler (Jam Money) and Cico Beck (Joasihno). Their self-titled debut LP is out this November through Morr Music. During the winter of 2016 Tenniscoats performed at Markus Acher’s Alien Disko festival in Munich and he took the opportunity to record with them in a small apartment studio, together with Mat and Cico. Tenniscoats are known for their collaborations – some of their finest work was done in conjunction with Tape, The Pastels, Jad Fair and many others – so making good use of the time and friends available was natural to them. “For me, timing is important,” Saya from Tenniscoats admits. “We met in season, and the song flowers are now blooming!” Mat Fowler recalls the Spirit Fest sessions taking place in an idyllic, festive atmosphere. “Every morning we’d all share breakfast, chat and learn about German Christmas customs. We’d catch the bus in the morning and walk home in the evening. The journey ran parallel to the beautiful flowing Isar River that bubbles, ebbs and flows right through the middle of Munich.” The LP was put together there over a two-week period. ‘Hitori Matsuri’ is the first single from the record – it’s gentle as the first rains of autumn, as beguiling as a half-remembered lullaby that catches your breath as you tumble into sleep. Spirit Fest is a snapshot of a gentle and intuitive moment in time – a beautiful meetup that expands beyond community with a palpable sense of inclusivity.