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Upset The Rhythm Presents | Gad Whip


Date: October 15, 2021

GAD WHIP formed in 2014 and blend avant-garde sensibilities with a contemporary take on the place where DIY culture meets post-punk.
Hints of deconstructed garage rock and interstellar voyaging through sweat drenched waking dreams. Immediate, powerful, confounding and kept in place by wry, sometimes observational, semi-spoken vocals.
This is music primed perfect for any 21st century meltdown in a suburban sprawl. Their music has been released by a range of labels, from NYC’s Ever/Never Records, Germany’s X-Mist Records,
Canada’s Arachnidiscs Recordings and UK/Poland based Fourth Dimension Records.

FATHERFIGURES released their debut album “Any Time Now…And High Time Too” in spring 2021. What do they sound like? Post-punk; exhaust fumes seeping from a neighbour’s garage after nightfall; the gnawing of unresolved disputes with real and imagined foes; the inner voices arguing amongst themselves until one walks off in disgust. That sort of thing.