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Upset The Rhythm Presents | Old Time Relijun


Date: October 28, 2020
Time: 6:00pm
OLD TIME RELIJUN are the rarest breed of band. Insatiable, living raw, always on the margins and consistent as hell. You know what to expect and yet never have any clue what’s going to come next. Old Time Relijun give sweaty, compulsively danceable performances that never fail to inflame their audience. Their loose swagger belies years of practice, fastidious arrangements and gut-level understanding of how music hits you. Old Time Relijun was born on January 1st, 1995 in a dark and moldy basement in Olympia, Washington. The band stole some popcorn bags, talked a friend out of his inheritance and self-released “Songbook Vol. I” in 1997. They then began their long association with Calvin Johnson’s K Records. Between 1999 and 2007, Old Time Relijun toured like monsters, averaging 150 shows a year in the U.S. and Europe, releasing ‘Uterus and Fire’, ‘La Sirena De Pecera’, ‘Witchcraft Rebellion’,  ‘Lost Light’, ‘2012’ and ‘Catharsis in Crisis’. The last three albums are known collectively as “The Lost Light Trilogy;” a conceptual triptych integrating poetry, painting, and myth through multiple lyrical and musical threads. The band toured through 2008 and then quietly parted ways.  2020 reunites Old Time Relijun with newfound level of passionate indignation and a deeper musical vocabulary. Old Time Relijun continue to make music for the revolution from a restless energy that has never settled down.
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PROTO IDIOT is a garage pop band starring Callum Darley, Michael Seal and Andrew Anderson. Since 2007 they’ve released half a dozen LPs on labels like Slovenly, Third Uncle and Bad Paintings, with their latest album Find Out For Themselves hitting the shelves in 2019. Originally the band was a solo side project for Hipshakes/Freak Genes guitarist Andrew, who was accompanied by members of CoCoComa and Negative Scanner for various recordings and gigs. Records out on Trouble in Mind, Slovenly, OddBox and Red Lounge.
SHAKE CHAIN formed through a love of thought provoking performance art and a yearning for disruption so they were never going to be your average run of the mill project and the band have delivered unpredictable live shows across London and Oxford since their recent inception. Having recorded their debut EP ‘Neil Yonge and Bob Doylan Live at Hyde Park’ (on the day of Neil Young & Bob Dylan Live at Hyde Park) last Summer, with sound artist David Carugo and released by Permanent Slump, the group enter 2020 with a fresh heap of material to take into the studio and on the road around the UK in April. Catch them in the field with their not-to-be-missed fusion of post-punk grooves and chaotic lamenting on the current state of things.