Velveteen Presents | Scott Matthew | First Night


Date: November 20, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

First show of a two night stand at The Islington ..

SCOTT MATTHEW is a singer/songwriter, born in Queensland (Australia), but has been living in New York for many years now. He has described himself as a ‚Quiet-Noise-Maker‘ with a passion for ballads. His sixth studio album is titled “Ode To Others” was released in April 2018.

With this album there is a departure from the subject of romantic love and the disappointments that can come from such endeavors. Instead this collection of songs pays homage to love in a broader sense. Honors are bestowed to family, friends and the mistreated both alive and deceased. Actual places also play a part of some of the songs subjects. His Australian childhood or his adult home of New York. As always done in the sentimental and deeply personal style of Scott Matthew.

Scott has received a lot of attention from John Cameron Mitchell`s film SHORTBUS. Scott wrote the theme song ‚In The End‘ in addition to five more songs performed in the film by himself and featured on the soundtrack. He has earned high respect among critics and fans alike since his self-titled debut in 2008. His previous five solo albums made him stand out from the crowd, especially as a songwriter with his highly emotional songs. Scott Matthew writes and sings of the longing and disappearing of love, like hardly anyone else.