Waffle Club Presents | Matt Treiber


Date: June 28, 2017
Time: 6:00pm

‘Go All Around the World’ b/w ‘It’s OK Today’ is the new download single release by Mat Treiber. Recorded live in Los Angeles, these never-released songs have also been made into a limited-edition 7” 45 on vinyl.

Mat Treiber is the Montreal-born singer/songwriter/guitar player who has brought his unique sound of old-school rock ‘n’ roll, with touches of pop and psychedelia to audiences in New York, Los Angeles, London and Stockholm. ‘Go All Around the World’ and ‘It’s OK Today’ are two songs that have been pulled from a full live album which Mat recorded at the legendary Mint club. Treiber was introduced at this show by renowned singer/songwriter/lead guitar player Terry Reid.

Treiber took a hiatus from the public eye and moved from Los Angeles with his wife, New York singer/songwriter Roxanne Fontana, to the English countryside to help raise their disabled daughter. Inspired by the mainstream comeback of vinyl, Treiber has chosen these two songs from the live session for release as a 7” vinyl single. The music, also available for download, consists of one old- school, Chuck Berry-influenced rocker, ‘It’s OK Today’, and the other, ‘Go All Around the World’, is co-written by New York rocker wife Fontana.

‘Go All Around the World’ is a whimsical story about someone down on his luck who dreams of a clown-like hero who saves him from his everyday monotony. Musically, the song recalls the Who, and features a distinctive slide guitar solo. Both Treiber and Fontana are also published writers. Treiber, going by the pseudonym of Brett Marie, has enjoyed recent attention for his short stories, and Fontana has received good reviews on her memoir American Girl, and has published poetry.

‘Go All Around the World’ and ‘It’s Ok Today’ will be released on Friday 23 June. Mat Treiber is at the Islington for a launch performance on Wednesday 28 June with the band of English musicians that he has previously toured with and are featured on Treiber’s ep The Hollywood Tapes.

“(Go All Around the World is) uplifting, inspirational and oozing class.” – Steve Yourglivch,
Blues Matters Magazine

“Mat Treiber, is a talented musician, he has the ability, and the style, that should take him right to the top. He’s a humble and honest star.” – Peter Antony, DJ, Radio Caroline, QBurn worldwide syndicated radio show