Will Samson


Date: March 27, 2018
Time: 6:00pm

“Awash with Eno-esque ambience, and recorded late at night to cassette – the glitches and hiss adding to the dusky atmosphere, it’s an unusually intimate collection, with tracks like “Oceans Are Wilder” so sparse as to barely be there —- 8/10” – UNCUT (UK)

“…running themes and riffs waft over songs so heartfelt, you dare not speak over them” – Clash Magazine (UK)

“The subtle blend of shimmering guitar, brittle piano and haunting electronics, with the hushed whisper of Samson’s sweet voice results in a seamless album that is intricate and considered, and eerily mesmerizing. It’s rare to find an album so complete, so of itself.” – Fluid Radio (UK)

“To say this is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard all year is an understatement” – Deftune (US)

“When a man arrives on stage fresh from Tibet in a Tintin T-shirt and a North Face jacket, you know he means business, and Will Samson did not disappoint…Wordless, he conjured something oceanic and transcendental for the rest of us – a different kind of soul music for the 21st century.” – Matt Finch, BBC Club Live


Supports include: Jonathon Holder & The Good Thinking/ Lonely Eddie/ Zak Hobbs