WIYE Presents | Anne Dudley


Date: May 13, 2019
Time: 6:00pm

WIYE Presents |

We don’t have many Oscar winners. Anne Dudley got hers for The Full Monty. She wrote the scores for countless other films and TV series, The Crying GameThe Pope Must Die and Les Misėrables among them. And Poldark which you imagine includes a track called ‘Shirtless Man Scything, Part 7’.

This will be a fascinating evening, the pop circus seen from every angle imaginable – conductor, arranger, composer, session player and – briefly – hit-maker in her own right. Her first major break was arranging the strings for ABC’s The Lexicon Of Love and for Frankie Goes To Hollywood. She wrote songs with Malcolm McLaren and Sting, and played keyboards with everyone from Pet Shop Boys, McCartney and Cher to Lloyd Cole and Kingmaker. And in the early ‘80s was a member of the magnificent Art Of Noise.