Word In Your Ear Presents | Chris Difford & Daniel Rachel


Date: September 11, 2017
Time: 7:00pm
We’re delighted to announce that on September 11th David Hepworth & Mark Ellen’s very special guests will be two old friends of the WIYE podcast, Chris Difford and author Daniel Rachel.
Chris is coming along to talk about “Some Fantastic Place”, which is the story of his life in and out of Squeeze. It recounts his story from his upbringing in South London during the Sixties to his rise to fame as a member of Squeeze.
We’re also joined by Daniel Rachel, the author of the award-winning “Walls Come Tumbling Down”, which is about the music and politics of Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone and Red Wedge. Containing over 150 interviews with key players in these movements and events, it won the Penderyn Prize for music books for 2017, even beating out David Hepworth’s “Never A Dull Moment”, a fact he promises to overlook.
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